Cantina Goretti Italian Barbecue Championship 4a Edizione - Perugia - Italia

Italian Barbecue Championship
Italian Barbecue Championship

The Italian Barbecue ChampionshipIBC is the first competition officially sanctioned in Italy by KCBS – Kansas City Barbeque Society. Dedicated to “Low and Slow” American Barbecue and grilling experts and amateurs and addressed to International teams, is organized in Perugia (Italy) since 2014.

During the 2 days of competition, BBQ Teams from worldwide, compete to reach the perfect cooking according to the classic American recipes, challenging in the 4 traditional and official KCBS categories: chicken, ribs, pork and brisket.

All courses presented by the Teams will be tasted and judged by a Jury of international experts certified by KCBS, who will assess the entries according to specific KCBS criteria: “appearance, taste and tenderness”.

The IBC winner Team will be awarded, based on the Overall ranking, with a rich Prize reserved to the “Grand Champion”!

KCBS - Kansas City barbecue Society

KCBS - Kansas City Barbecue Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying barbeque and is the world's largest organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts with over 20.000 members worldwide. KCBS sanctions over 450 barbeque contests all over the world and especially the famous American Royal World Series and the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue, the real and unique World Championship with more than 700 international teams attending.

Italian Barbecue Championship
IBC 2017

The 4th edition of the Italian Barbecue Championship – IBC 2017 will take place in Perugia on 9th and 10th September 2017. In addition to the 4 Standard and Official KCBS Categories, chicken, pork, ribs  and brisket, the Teams will have the possibility to compete in 3 Ancillary Categories, Chef's Choice, BBQ Sauce and Dessert.

IBC Grand Champion 2017 will win the rich prize of € 3,000.00 and will qualify for:

American Royal World Series
of Barbecue

Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational
Barbecue Draw

Italian Barbecue Championship
Rules and Regulations

IBC 2017 Rules  KCBS Rules

All BBQ Teams who would like to combine their passion for barbecue with a wonderful week-end in Umbria are invited to attend the 4th edition of the Italian Barbecue Championship – IBC 2017, a "Master Series" fficially sanctioned by KCBS.

IBC 2017 will take place in Perugia – Italy on 9th and 10th September 2017. The participation is subordinated to the acceptance of the IBC 2017 Official Rules edited in accordance with the KCBS 2017 Official Rules and Regulations and to the payment of the registration fee:


Reserved to Teams Participating to Prime Uve Invitational Barbecue Championship 2017



Deadline: 31st August 2017

Registration Fee includes:

  • Participation to the “IBC 2017” contest
  • Secretariat service and dedicated support by IBC Staff
  • Stand in a 3x3 mt (minimum size) subjected to availability, authorization to occupy a public area included
  • Possibility to setup its own Stand in a 6x3 mt (maximum size)
  • Stand ground anchoring by ballasts
  • Sponsor promotional and/or advertising materials of maximum 1m2
  • Electrical connection, competition Team area lighting and consumption
  • Refrigerated truck dedicated to Teams (Sealed Boxes to be provided by teams)
  • Common washing point for dishes and accessories
  • Night time security
  • Barbecue and/or Smoker (only for non Italian Teams) - Please indicate type requested
    (Subjected to availability and confirmation upon request)
  • Restrooms and Lockers

To be provided by the Team:

  • Meat for the categories in which the Team will compete
  • Sealed Boxes for meat and other good to be store in the Refrigerated truck provided by organization
  • Tables and any other stand installations
  • Food boxes with dry ice for meat storage upon request
  • Barbecue (except non Italian Teams upon request), charcoal and other materials permitted under Official Rules and Regulations)
  • Advertising Fees for promotional materials over 1s.m.

TOTAL PRIZE:: € 3.500,00

Italian Barbecue Championship
Register Now

Registrations officially open to the 4th Edition of Italian Barbecue Championship - IBC 2017




Bank Transfer

CTN S.r.l.
IBAN: IT66 Z 03069 03011 1000 0000 5850

Italian Barbecue Championship
Judging Class

Do you want to become an American Barbecue Certified Judge?


Sign up for the KCBS Judging Class, the official course to become Certified Barbeque Judge and/or Table Captain.

The courses will take place in Perugia (Italy) on Friday 8th of September by the following timetable:

CBJ "Certified Barbecue Judge" course from 12 pm to 4 pm
CTC "Certified Table Captain" course from 5 pm to 7 pm

IBC 2017 organization and KCBS Reps, will evaluate the opportunity, for the newly certified "CBJ" and "CTC",
to participate as a Judge to the IBC 2017.

Italian Barbecue Championship

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Friday 8th September 2017

  • From 9 am to 5 pm: First Team call
    Welcoming at IBC Infopoint and access to the competition area
  • From 9 am to 6 pm: Stand area Setup
  • From 12 pm to 4 pm: CBJ "Certified Barbecue Judge" Judging Class
  • From 5 pm to 7 pm: CTC "Certified Table Captain" Judging Class

Saturday 9th September 2017

  • From 9 am to 11 am: Second Team call
    Welcoming at IBC Infopoint and access to the competition area
  • From 2 pm to 4 pm: KCBS Reps meat inspection
  • 4 pm: Teams meeting with KCBS Reps
  • 5 pm: IBC competition start

Sunday 10th September 2017

  • 10 am: Judges and Table Captain Sign In and briefing with KCBS Reps
  • 11 am: Chef’s Choice - Anything But Turn in
  • 11.30 am: BBQ Sauce Turn in
  • 12 pm: Chicken Turn in
  • 12.30 pm: Ribs Turn in
  • 1 pm: Pork Turn in
  • 1.30 pm: Brisket Turn in
  • 2 pm: Dessert Turn in
  • 4 pm: IBC 2017 Awards Ceremony

turn in timethe allowable turn in time, for each category, will be 5 minutes before to 5 minutes after posted time.
A late turn in will not be accepted with no tolerance and will receive 0 in the late category all criteria.

Italian Barbecue Championship

Preview of registered Teams at the Italian Barbecue Championship 2017

Italian Barbecue Championship
Previous Editions

2014 Edition

2015 Edition

2016 Edition

Italian Barbecue Championship

The area of Percorso Verde is equipped with large free parking area and a direct connection to Perugia old town city center by the banked railway Minimetrò that quickly links to the acropolis in about 10 minutes (4km distance)

Percorso Verde

The Italian Barbecue Championship will take place in the “Percorso Verde” (Green Route) located in the area of Pian di Massiano.

This green path in the Umbrian main town, beloved by families, athletes and organized groups, is the ideal place for relaxing and for outdoor activities.


In the middle of the green heart of Italy, Perugia, the Umbrian capital, is a dynamic and active city in terms of events and cultural offerings.

It is also a tourist destination for its important history and traditions.

The chief town of Umbria region, erected by the Etruscans, is a town full of history to relive among its towers, churches, monuments and fountains


Beside this, the Italian Barbecue Championship may also offer the opportunity to discover a land that is strongly inclined to nature, culture and…BBQ skills!

Umbria, well-known throughout the world as the “Green Heart of Italy”, is actually a very bucolic region appreciated by tourists either for its mild climate, its enchanting views, its historical, religious and cultural heritage and for the rich gastronomic tradition.

In regard to this, Umbria becomes the perfect destination for all the tourists who desire to combine an out-of-town excursion and an organized tour with Italian art and history.

Umbria turns out to be the perfect territory where events dedicated to barbecue can be organized, it’s not by chance that boasts of the wise art of the “charcoal-burner”, the ancient craft of transforming the firewood into charcoal.

Even nowadays in many places it’s easy to find emplacements where once the charcoal-burners used to build the “cotte”, great pyres made with the less refined and less requested woods: oak, turkey oak, holm oak and arbutus.

Italian Barbecue Championship

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Italian Barbecue Championship

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Viale Centova 6 | 06128 Perugia (PG)
T +39 075 5003848 | F +39 075 5003848
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Via Mentana 56 | 06129 Perugia
T +39 075 5003535 | F +39 075 5001290
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IBC2014: Results


1st overall place: “Grand Champion”: The Pit Club BBQ
2nd overall place: “Reserve Grand Champion”: Barbecue Companion
3rd overall place: SPQR - I Marchesi del Grill



1st place: SPQR Grillers – I Marchesi del Grill
2nd place: Barbecue Companion
3rd place: BBQ Italia



1st place: The Pit Club BBQ Team
2nd place: MAD for BBQ
3rd place: Southern BBQ Wars Team



1st place: MAD for BBQ
2nd place: The Pit Club BBQ
3rd place: SPQR Grillers – I Marchesi del Grill



1st place: BBQ Italia
2nd place: The Pit Club BBQ Team
3rd place: Griller Istinct


IBC2015: Results


1st overall place: “Grand Champion”: BBQ4ALL International
2nd overall place: “Reserve Grand Champion”: BBQ4ALL Defenders
3rd overall place: Smoking Bad BBQ Team



1st: Barbecue Companion
2nd: BBQ4ALL International
3rd: European All Star BBQ Team



1st: Torino Ribs
2nd: Mvtina Barbecue Academy
3rd: BBQ4ALL International



1st: Smoking Bad BBQ Team
2nd: Miss Piggy's U.K.
3rd: Smoke 'n' Fire BBQ



1st: Miss Piggy's U.K.
2nd: Smoke'em all BBQ Team
3rd: BBQ4ALL Defenders


Ancillary Categories


1st: Smoke 'n' Fire BBQ
2nd: Jack & Place
3rd: S.P.Q.R. Grillers


Chef's Choice

1st: Fabio Morisetti
2nd: Club Country Grill
3rd: Smoking Bad BBQ Team



1st: Fabio Morisetti
2nd: Barbecue Companion


IBC2016: I risultati


1st overall place: “Grand Champion”: BrigBoys BBQ Team
2nd overall place: “Reserve Grand Champion”: BBQ Longhorn
3rd overall place: Smoke'n'Fire



1st place: Sticky Fingers Barbecue Team
2nd place: Jubatti BBQ Team
3rd place: Blue Smoke BBQ Team



1st place:BBQ Longhorn
2nd place: Griller Unchained
3rd place: Psycho Griller



1st place: Smoke'n'Fire
2nd place: BBQ4ALL Palladium
3rd place: BBQ4ALL Defenders



1st place: I Luna Pork BBQ Team.
2nd place: Hot Monkeys
3rd place: Smoke'n'Fire


Ancillary Categories


1st place: Torino Ribs
2nd place: Suqulento
3rd place: BBQ Longhorn


Chef's Choice

1st place: Smoking Bad BBQ Team
2nd place: Griller Unchained
3rd place: Griller Instinct



1st place: Suqulento
2nd place: S.P.Q.R. Grillers
3rd place: Griller Unchained